New review and Derbyshire on the way

A belated and positive review of Roman Nottinghamshire has been published in the magazine Current Archaeology (no. 272, November 2012) – the one with Richard III on the front cover. The book has also just been reprinted at a new price and with an author’s note explaining that a wholly revised edition is on the cards for 2014 to reflect, inter alia, the latest finds and developments at Southwell, Margidunum and along the A46 Fosse Way. The text will also incorporate interviews with some of the many people who have come forward to talk about their involvement with different aspects of Roman archaeology in the county. Publication of this new book should take place simultaneously with the book I am currently working on, Roman Derbyshire, which is being published by Five Leaves Publications in association with Derbyshire County Council. Taking note of some of the criticisms of the Nottinghamshire book (see review) the Derbyshire book will contain a completely new map of Roman roads, forts and other structures across Derbyshire.  In the meantime, apart from some WEA courses in Roman Nottinghamshire I’m teaching in the spring of 2013, I am booked to give a talk at Bingham on March 28 for the Bingham Heritage Trails Association. The talk will probably focus on some of the latest and more unusual finds around Margidunum… and that’s all I’ll say for now!

The Current Archaeology review is below:

Current Archaeology review

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  1. Ross Bradshaw says:

    If you give me the details of the Bigham event I’ll put it on our events listing

    Ross Bradshaw Five Leaves Publications PO Box 8786 Nottingham NG1 9AW Office number: 0115 9895465 Out of office: 0115 9693597

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