Roman Nottinghamshire up for award


An unexpected email this week informed me that Roman Nottinghamshire has been nominated for Book of the Year by Current Archaeology magazine. It’s one of those voting awards where authors and publishers are expected to round up fans, friends and family and demand that they cast a vote in their favour. Those with the biggest popular vote win the prize. It’s a bit like a mixture of a Roman gladatorial battle and The X-Factor, but without the expensive phone call costs. So put your thumbs up for Roman Nottinghamshire! The place to go is But while I’m pleased as punch to be nominated I am not seriously expecting to win this award. After all, the other shortlisted authors include one of Britain’s best known Iron Age/early Romano-British experts, Barry Cunliffe – and I’m pretty sure the much published Barry Cunliffe has many more fans than I have. On the other hand, there’s always the chance I’ll sneak in as the surprise outsider choice…Whatever happens the winner will be announced on March 1 at the Current Archaeology annual conference in London. Readers, you have until February 15 to vote for Roman Nottinghamshire. Do so or we’ll send Spartacus around.



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